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Stop the Quick Fix: Clearing Skin Takes Time

Stop the Quick Fix: Clearing Skin Takes Time

When something goes wrong with our skin, we want it gone and we want it gone fast. Almost all of us are guilty of seeking the “quick fix” to our skin problems, but think back – when has that ever really worked?

Deeper skin problems like acne and rosacea require patience, time, and implementing the right advice. Your skin didn’t change overnight and it won’t clear up overnight, not even with the most cleverly marketed miracle fixes. It takes more than just a few days to clear up what has already developed internally. Diminishing stress, working towards a healthier diet, finding a good, natural cosmetic regimen, and getting help with professional treatments are all crucial to strengthening your skin health. The more we commit to and stick with, the better the results.

True long-term improvements come from implementing knowledgeable advice on our lifestyle, diet habits, treatments, and skin care. Until you do that, you’ll likely keep fighting your skin problems with harsh topicals and feeling frustrated that they never truly go away. Clear skin in 3 days just isn’t realistic. If it was, we’d all do it! So why try yet another quick fix? Be patient, work towards living a skin healthy lifestyle, and you’ll feel better inside and out.


Elise May, CN + LE, is the owner and practitioner behind SKINutritious. She has helped over 1,000 clients clear acne with detoxing treatments, clear skin coaching, and holistic skincare. 

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