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Since acne is primarily caused by diet + lifestyle triggers, it explains why other solutions are impermanent or ineffective. As an esthetician, nutritionist and acne coach, my holistic approach resolves internal and external imbalances to bring about long-lasting clear skin.

New Client • Clear Skin Plan (On Hold)

Virtual session via Zoom • Please email for waitlist.

This initial session is the foundation of all the work we do together moving forward. Our journey to clear skin begins with a holistic discovery your skin + body. From this, we will create a comprehensive plan to move you forward towards clear, healthy skin. Includes:

• Intake of your skin history + symptoms
• Review of your skincare + makeup for product acne ingredients
• Discovery of diet + lifestyle triggers
• Clear Skin Plan completely customized to you

At the end of the session, I will provide you with a comprehensive path forward with specific clear skin goals, a customized skincare regimen, and a clear skin handbook.

Follow-up sessions are generally recommended to build on and refine this path going forward. Suggested every 2 weeks until skin is clear (typically 3 months total), or take the Clear Skin Journey for a strong path.

$225 • 90+ mins, depending on client needs


Diana, 19

“ It felt SO relieving that I finally had a guaranteed solution to my acne. I no longer was gambling on over-the -counter products; I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. ”


Clear Skin Journey (On Hold)

A 3-month program to clarity • Please email for waitlist.

This is a comprehensive program to clearing your skin. Includes:

• 90 min New Client • Clear Skin Plan (on Zoom) - value $225
• 5 Acne Detox Treatments and/or coaching sessions (value $650)
• Complimentary access to "Healing Hormonal Acne" course (value $95)

This is a guided experience and I will be there to hold you the whole way through. Skincare necessary for this journey and will be only be recommended what is needed.

$825 • 3-month program (value $975)



For returning clients only

ACNE DETOX TREATMENT • 40 mins • $130

Purifies your skin, cleanses every pore, and helps restore hyperpigmentation caused by acne. Gentle skin preparation begins with relaxation techniques, the application of acne-safe sunflower oil + aloe cleansing, cacao enzyme mask, full extraction of impurities, and a powerful plant acid treatment formulated for your skin. We’ll also evaluate your current skincare regimen and identify and clarify your clear-skin goals.


Includes our Acne Detox Treatment with blue + red light therapy. This encourages optimal skin function, reduces inflammation + redness, reduces P. acnes bacteria, accelerates healing, and helps relieve pain.


Includes our Acne Detox Treatment plus natural microdermabrasion. Deepens pore cleansing, reduces pigmentation, and accelerates healing through increased skin cell turnover. 


Our most deluxe facial includes the Acne Detox Treatment plus blue/red light therapy and microdermabrasion.

VIRTUAL SKIN CONSULT - FOLLOW-UP • 40-45 mins • $120

For clients who have already completed their initial session, lasts roughly 40-45 mins depending on your needs. This is a review of your goals, progress, and speed bumps. Reassessing what's working and what needs correction. We will review your progress, realign your goals, and remove obstacles in the way. Skincare analysis and review also included.

INTUITIVE COACHING • 50 mins • $120

Having acne brings up more than just basic skin concerns. It can affect our stress, state of being, our happiness, our lives. This option for Intuitive Coaching focuses on being with those thoughts and feelings in a new way, and giving that space allows for magical transformation and release.

Elise May has spent the past 8+ years on her own intuitive path. She is a certified life coach, has attended dozens of workshop trainings, and has led numerous group and individual coaching sessions.


Abhinanda, 29

“ Within weeks I felt the difference. My body and skin started to feel so much better. By the end of our sessions, I was totally attuned to my new diet and my skin was completely accustomed to her products. ”