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What Causes Acne?

There are two types of acne - product and hormonal. Product acne is triggered by over 120+ comedogenic ingredients in skincare and makeup. Hormonal Acne is triggered by high androgen hormone levels from factors in our modern diet and lifestyle. These triggers disrupt the immune system and cause hormonal imbalance.

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I've tried a lot to clear my skin and nothing's worked. What's different about your approach?

A lot of people feel that they have "tried everything" when it comes to acne. My difference is in addressing skincare as well as diet and lifestyle, which are often the true root causes of acne. This goes beyond a product-only approach which provides temporary relief of acne at best. As an esthetician, nutritionist and coach, my method solves internal and external imbalance, which as a result, clears skin long-term .

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Elise, how did you get into this?

I suffered from acne for more than a decade. Dermatologists and OTC products didn’t work. But after volunteering in Guatemala, my skin cleared naturally as diet + lifestyle changes that affected me there. When I returned to the states I made it my mission to continue these changes and share them with others. My background includes certification as an esthetician, nutritionist and life coach, as well as many continuing education hours at UCSF and UCLA. I have worked exclusively in healing acne and skin inflammation with more than 1,300 acne clients in the past 13+ years, which brings a diverse expertise to my practice.

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I've heard you use oils. Don't those break you out?

Not all of them! Most oils are comedogenic, however there are a few that are acne-safe. These include sunflower, jojoba, and essential oils, which are all used in the Skin Nutritious line. I believe there is a correct oil for every skin type. Acne-prone skin just has to be a little more careful about what to use.


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How can I book an appointment?

I am a private practitioner and currently offer 24/7 online booking to make scheduling easiest for you. Click here to be directed to my online booking system.

Any further questions? Email us!

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What is your cancellation policy?

Your appointment is reserved exclusively for you. Out of respect for myself and other clients, please provide adequate notice to reschedule or cancel. For New Client and 1st Program Visits: less than 72 notice will result in a 100% service charge. For all other visits: cancellations less than 24 hours and no shows will result in 100% service charge. To reschedule or cancel your appointment, please call 415.471.4490.

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I’ve already been to another acne clinic. Do I still need to do the new client visit with you?

Yes. Whether you have experienced clear skin or not with another practitioner, my holistic approach requires knowing how your individual body and skin work together.


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How much do your products cost?

Products range from $10.95 for a mini cleanser to $44.95 for a non-toxic, tinted SPF 30 sunscreen. Most clients at the first visit purchase a starter kit from $89.95, which includes a full 2-3 month supply of everything you need to get started except an SPF.

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Do you offer discounts?

Yes! I offer treatment packages at reasonable rates that can save you 10-20% off treatments. Visit my services menu for more information. You can also request an invoice to reimburse through an HSA account to save an additional 25-33% through tax deductions. 

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Do you take insurance?

These services are not typically covered by insurance, however may be covered through your HSA. If you have an HSA, we can send you an invoice of services + products for reimbursement. This is a savings of approximately 25-33%.  

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What is your return policy?

Unopened, unused items may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Open, used products unfortunately may not be returned. Services, series, program purchases, gift cards, and e-books are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


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How effective is your method at clearing acne?

We have a very high success rate when the method is followed. Results found from a study of before + after photos of clients in 2015:

100% of clients had clearer skin broken down as follows:

•  96% substantially clearer skin (~90-100% reduction in breakouts).
• 4% somewhat clearer skin, due to difficulty making diet, lifestyle changes recommended.
• 2 clients experienced substantially clearer skin, but then had new breakouts due to a relapse in their diet/lifestyle/skincare plan. 

Maintaining the lifestyle + skincare program is essential to success. On very rare occasions, the skin may not be clearing due to adrenal issues or it not being acne. I may recommend visiting a naturopathic doctor for further insight. This is typically known by the 3rd visit if you are following the course. 

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What should I expect after a treatment?

Your skin may be red with little to no peeling afterwards. For the remainder of the day after the treatment, make up is not recommended. Please do not exercise, sweat, take a hot shower (warm shower is ok!), steam bath or sunbathe. These small limitations will let your skin heal.

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How long does it take to have clear skin?

The short answer is about 6 visits every 2-3 weeks. The body needs time to heal, rebalance, and absorb all the changes being made. We also need to increase the skincare regimen during this time. After 6 visits, I recommend maintenance visits every 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks depending on the client.

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Are your products + services safe for pregnant women?

Pregnant women are recommended to avoid products with vitamin A and salicylic acid. The only product we have with vitamin A is our Vitamin A + B3 Exfoliant. Please of course check with your doctor to confirm what's right for you.

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Do you have success in treating skin conditions other than acne?

Absolutely. Although acne is my specialty, I have the same success applying natural and anti-inflammatory principles to rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, anti-aging, dry skin, and so much more. If you're experiencing inflammation, redness, and/or general irritation and want a holistic approach, this is the place for you. 

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I'm not so interested in making changes to my diet/lifestyle. Is this still the right place for me?

We're not sure. It has been difficult to see desired results in our clinic practice without any internal changes being made. That being said, as long you are willing to try making some kind of change, you’ll see some progress. We will suggest the changes which will make the most impact and support you in learning how to grow into them.


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