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My Signature Green Smoothie for Radiant Skin!

My Signature Green Smoothie for Radiant Skin!

If you haven’t heard of green smoothies, they’re a delightful, healthy blend of fruits and greens. I’m a big fan because us modern humans don’t sit around all day eating a bunch of healthy raw fruits and vegetables – but when they’re blended up we can down a whole bunch of them in a matter of minutes. Green smoothies are super easy to make and are PERFECT for those of us who want to be healthy on the go.

I designed my signature green smoothie to appeal to everyone. With a strong fruit base, you won’t even know the greens are in there – it simply tastes just like a regular fruit smoothie. Even kids go crazy for it! Its also designed with convenience in mind. With a low number of ingredients and half of them frozen, you only have to worry about keeping fresh spinach and oranges on hand. The frozen ingredients are on the “clean 15″ list, so if you have to grab them non-organic, that’s ok, just make sure there’s no added sugar. I grab mine at trader joe’s. they’re super affordable and my skin is very happy.

Other smoothies may deliver more vitamins + nutrients, but they require a lot of fresh fruits and veggies on hand at all times, which can be hard for many to keep up with. This is a recipe you can whip up regularly with ease – a no excuses, simple, affordable green smoothie that is going to minimize redness, help heal breakouts faster, and make your skin absolutely GLOW.

Elise May's Signature Green Smoothie
2 organic oranges, peeled
1c frozen pineapple
1/2c frozen mango
2c organic spinach
1T flax seed (preferably whole, unground)
1T goji berries (optional)

Blend that goodness in your Vitamix or OmniBlender. Regular blenders work ok, but do not chop up the greens as finely and may end up with a strange taste.  

In just ONE of my signature green smoothies, you’ll get:

  • 144% vit A – immune boosting, reduces inflammation and redness of skin, helps regulate natural cell proliferation, avoids thickening of skin, reduces follicular hyperkeratosis (build up of cells inside pores)
  • 412% vit C – immune boosting, reduces inflammation and redness of skin, increases wound healing
  • 370% vit K – immune boosting, reduces inflammation and redness of skin, decreases dark eye circles
  • ~125% omega 3 – immune booster, greatly reduces inflammation and redness in skin, reduces eczematous skin, fights hyper pigmentation, increases wound healing time, reduces capillary fragility
  • 67% folic acid – immune boosting, fights hyperpigmentation
  • 33% vit B6 – immune boosting, reduces inflammation and redness of skin
  • strongly anti-inflammatory, low glycemic load

For best results, enjoy for breakfast daily. Watch your skin change before your eyes!


Elise May, CN + LE, is the owner and practitioner behind SKINutritious. She has helped over 1,000 clients clear acne with detoxing treatments, clear skin coaching, and holistic skincare. 

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