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Can You Find Quality Skincare at a Drugstore?

Can You Find Quality Skincare at a Drugstore?

A lot of us have shopped for skin care in the drugstore aisle. But can you get good quality products there?

Most drugstore brands are made with cheap, synthetic filler ingredients. In order to deliver products at a lower cost, these cheaper, lab-made ingredients are typically not effective towards skin health and many even be toxic. I would recommend investing a little more to go with something more natural with better active ingredients that are healthier for the skin.

OTC acne products are over-drying. Most acne cleansers are foaming and contain salicylic acid, dehydrating the skin and causing dryness morning and night with a spike of oil production mid-day. Sulphur masks/spot treatments provide the same dryness. Over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide products may be high percentage and without supportive hydrators like allantoin or aloe vera. 

Natural products do not correct acne and may even cause more. I am so happy to see lines like Burt’s Bees and the “Yes To” lines being picked up in drugstores – even Neutrogena has come out with a naturals line! It’s a step in the right direction. These lines are ok for people who have great skin already, i.e. are not battling with acne, rosacea, or other skin problems. 

My take-away advice is if you are already happy with your skin, you could do just fine with some drugstore products. But if you’re looking to clear acne, you may have trouble getting lifelong results. It costs money to make a good product when you are using quality ingredients. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, but investing in a few higher quality products may be key in changing the health of your skin.


Elise May, CN + LE, is the owner and practitioner behind SKINutritious. She has helped over 1,000 clients clear acne with detoxing treatments, clear skin coaching, and holistic skincare. 

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