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6 Tips to Avoid Exercise Breakouts

6 Tips to Avoid Exercise Breakouts

Exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle, however certain factors can increase a chance for flare-ups. Following these simple tips before and after a workout can do a lot to save you from the aggravation of a post-exercise breakout.


1) Don't over-exercise. 

Exercise is a form of stress and over-stressing the body can cause your cortisol levels to go crazy, increasing hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and skin conditions like acne. If you are hitting the gym hard and seeing an increase in breakouts, it may be a sign to scale back.


2) Don't compromise your sleep in order to exercise.

Quality sleep is the foundation of a healthy immune system and clear skin. If you find you are forcing yourself out of bed at 5am to make that bootcamp on only 6 hours of sleep, it's actually better for your body and skin to skip the workout and get a full night's rest. Likewise, exercising too late may keep the body too active and hold you back from getting to bed at a healthy hour. 


3) Keep to moderate exercising between 8am-8pm. 

I am a big fan of pilates and yoga, both which focus on building core strength without over-stressing our bodies. Find an activity you love and do it daily in moderation!


4) Don't eat anything with whey protein.

If you missed my last article about this, get all the information you need here:!Even-Antibiotics-BP-and-Retinol-Couldn’t-Stop-This-Food-From-Causing-Acne/cxde/557716840cf2e4994fbb47bb



5) Know that sweating doesn't cause acne.

Contrary to popular belief, sweating does not increase chances of getting acne. The pore must get clogged in order for breakouts to occur and sweat is not pore-clogging. Though sweat is not a factor for acne, it is generally a good idea to keep your skin free and clear of products while working out (expect a good non-comedogenic sunscreen if you're exercising outside).


I hope you found this helpful. Happy working out!


Elise May, CN + LE, is the owner and practitioner behind SKINutritious. She has helped over 1,300 clients clear acne with detoxing treatments, clear skin coaching, and holistic skincare. 

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