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10 Healthy Habits of Healthy People

10 Healthy Habits of Healthy People

1. They ignore product labels and check ingredients.

Those labels are just the creation of excellent marketing! Pro tip: less ingredients and ones you can pronounce are best.


2. They go to the grocery store two to three times a week.

Whole foods keep three to seven days depending on the item. A well-stocked fridge means wholesome snacks are at your fingertips. Pro tip: don’t shop on an empty stomach.


3. They do most of their shopping in the produce section.

We can focus on consuming lots of whole fruits and vegetables to fill us up. Pro tip: the path you take in the store matters – healthier foods are located on the perimeter aisles. Think about where the chips are – the middle – that’s also where they go on your body! ;)


4. They cook at home.

It's hard to eat healthy when the cooking is in someone else's hands. Most chefs just want the food to taste good and ensure your return to their establishment. Cooking at home means you control the ingredients and are aware of what goes into your food. Pro tip: Find your favorite restaurant meals on Pinterest and sub ingredients for healthier versions!


5. They know where to get healthy take-out.

We don't always want or have time to cook at home, but knowing where to go for good quality, nourishing food before hanger sets in can ensure our success.


6. They eat in portions.

Once you pop you can't stop. Instead of eating directly out of the bag, they pour a serving into a small bowl. Pro question: Did you know the color of your plate can encourage of discourage you to eat more or less? Worth looking into!


7. They meal plan.

It's hard to make healthy decisions in a flash. Healthy people plan ahead of time and consider their meal options for the day in advance. Some people create weekly meal calendars to keep them on track or make food for several days in advance. Pro tip: know thyself! Are you starving after work? Try a snack around four. Have problems holding back at dinner? Set up serving dishes on the counter instead of the table.  


8. They enjoy food.

Healthy people make conscious choices about when to celebrate, when to hold back, and how to accept the consequences.  


9. They don't stuff themselves on vacation or over holidays.

 Let's face it, there is always a reason to celebrate. Healthy people know that constantly giving in to cake at every coworker's birthday, seconds at Thanksgiving, and too many cocktails while on holiday makes it that much harder to get back on the healthy wagon when they return home. Pro tip: Ask yourself, will I have a chance to eat this again? If the answer is yes, small to no indulgence, if the answer is no, enjoy!


10. They know they're not perfect. 

Living healthy is about embracing a balanced lifestyle. A gaffe in your food intake is part of that. Healthy people accept the occasional one-too-many cocktails or a whole slice of cake because they know tomorrow is back on their healthy journey.


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