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Included in this Course

Modules Included

1 | Identify Your Acne

Welcome to Clear Skin School with Elise May, founder of Skin Nutritious! In Module 1, you'll receive a crash course on the two types of acne and how to self identify your acne type using our photo example quiz.

2 | Hormonal Acne 101

In Module 2, we'll take a deep dive into the basics of acne biology and the root causes of hormonally triggered acne. Prepare to have your mind blown by this revelatory knowledge about acne and set intentions using our Clear Skin Intentions Ritual and Magic Mirror Exercise.

3 | Hormonal Acne Triggers

It's time to get into the nitty gritty of what's feeding your hormonal acne flares--And spoiler alert, it's not stress. In Module 3, you'll begin to take the reins on controlling your acne-free future.

4 | Your Clear Skin Plan

Put your new knowledge into practice by developing your personalized Clear Skin Plan. In helping over one thousand clients get clear, Elise has developed a pathway to acne-free skin, and she's ready to share it with you.

5 | Integration

Understanding that living acne-free will require a lifestyle change seems scary, but we promise it's not. Learn our tried-and-true methods of making the Clear Skin School Method by Skin Nutritious just a normal part of your daily life. When we say everybody can do this, we mean every body.

Bonus | Creating Your Acne-Safe Skincare Routine!

Now that you're on the path to clear skin, you'll want to choose products to support your blemish-free, healthy skin. Let us introduce you to the products we created for our longtime clients at Skin Nutritious.


"Elise changed my whole perspective towards personal care - how the body sends messages when it is being over used or "abused" owing to poor dietary habits and sleep cycles. Within weeks, I felt the difference. My body and skin started to feel so much better. Elise was always there by my side. Her support was definitely vital for this whole journey."

Abinanda, 29

Printable Worksheets Included

Printable Worksheets Included

This course contains # free printable worksheets to enhance your understanding of acne and personalize your journey to clear skin.

Does this work for every skin type?
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Absolutely. We've worked with over 1,000 unique individuals one-on-one to clear their acne.

Does this work for anyone? Can my teenager clear their skin using this method?
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Clear Skin School and the Skin Nutritious Method are accessible to anyone who wants to learn the root causes of acne and how to get clear skin. We believe a teenager is fully capable of understanding the science as we explain it and following the plan.

What if it doesn't work? Can I get a refund?
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In the decade plus that we've been working with clients to clear their skin, every single one managed to clear their skin if they followed the plan. That said, there are other medical conditions that can sometimes be confused with acne, and that's why you should always consult with your dermatologist or medical provider to rule out any underlying medical conditions.