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ACNE TYPE: Product
SKINCARE: Clear Skin Deluxe

Based on your answers, your breakouts may align with symptoms of product acne. The tiny little whiteheads you're experiencing may be directly caused by some of the skincare and/or makeup products you're currently using.

You're not alone. Nearly 75% of my new clients are experiencing product acne clogs, just like you. Luckily, we have solid science that tells us the exact triggers behind these pesky bumps.
Meet comedogenic ingredients. These ingredients commonly used in skincare and makeup products are directly responsible for product acne clogs on the skin. Using them even once can reek havoc on your skin's texture and beautiful pores.

Even more upsetting? I find that nearly 100% of my clients are using comedogenic products. And you can find them in nearly any brand - clean, natural, organic, high-end, even in some acne prescriptions!
Fret not. If you have product acne, I want to give you the solution right here, right now.

The remedy to product acne is to go 100% comedogenic-free. That's it! Clearing your regimen of these completely is the answer to avoiding new clogs.

My free Product Acne Checklist empowers you with direct access to the information you need to check your products and do a deep clean on these cloggers. It can be tedious homework at first, but once you have the right products in place, life becomes a lot easier - I promise!



YOUR SKINCARE MATCH: Clear Skin Deluxe Kit

The right skincare is also an invaluable tool in your toolkit. Based on your quiz results, I believe you’re a great candidate for the Clear Skin Deluxe Kit. It powerfully clears blocked pores to effectively treat and prevent the hormonal breakouts you’re experiencing.

Click HERE to order your kit.



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