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with Elise May

Have you ever wanted to know what was the true cause of your breakouts? Have you been trying every product imaginable but your pimples are still present and you know there is a root cause keeping you from the clear skin you desire ? 

Elise May is now offering consultations by email to provide the same clarity to you as she does to her clients in person. In our email consultation, Elise will:

  • Identify your unique skin triggers
  • List goals + changes needed to clear your skin
  • Identify if any of your products make breakouts worse
  • Provide a customized skincare regimen 
  • A Clear Skin Lifestyle handbook with in-depth information

For the consultation, we require a completed intake form, a meal diary kept for 5-7 days, pictures of your skin (front, left, right) and a list of all your current skincare + makeup products with ingredients listed. 

We aim for you to leave having with the full information and clarity you need for clear skin. Elise offers up to two clarification emails with up to 3 follow up questions each. Further clarity and refining of goals + skincare is available through continuing email consultations. Thank you!

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