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with Elise May


Clear Skin eConsult (1st session)
Follow Up

Feel like you have "tried everything" and still have acne? You are not alone. 4 in 5 Americans experience at least minor acne in their life. 85% of adults 25+ with acne are women and even adults 40+ can still be battling with breakouts. You don't have to wait that long for freedom!

Acne is not only explainable, it's solvable - regardless of your genetic sensitivity. Our society focuses on solving the issue with products and pills, when the reason we are breaking out is primarily from hormonal imbalance in our modern diet + lifestyle (hint: indigenous people do not experience acne).

By understanding why you are experiencing acne, you can finally make the underlying changes that create a real, long lasting difference in your skin. This is the work I have been focused on understanding for the past 11+ years to not only clear my own skin, but help over 1,300 clients do the same.

Included in your personalized online consultation + report: 

  • Identifying your unique acne triggers
  • Investigation of all current skincare + makeup products for acne triggering ingredients
  • List of personalized goals to clear your skin
  • Customized skincare regimen 
  • Clear Skin Lifestyle handbook customized for you
For the consultation, you will need to send in 4 forms: a completed intake form, a list of all your current skincare + makeup products, a body scan symptom questionnaire, and a 3-7 day meal diary. Also required are pictures of your skin (front, left, right). 

I aim for you to leave the eConsult having with the full information needed to start your clear skin journey. Your consultation will typically be completed within 2-3 business days and I offer an additional email to clarify any questions you may have arising from the consult. While you will gain a lot from the first report, follow ups every 2 weeks until your skin is clear is optimal.
Please note that once the intake forms have been sent to you, the consultation service has begun is non-refundable. Please email me have questions about this service. Thank you!